The last city before I come home to Boston
The Tour      
I had way too much fun in St. Louis. Just about everyone came to be with me. First, there was my friend Lauren and her Aunt Suzie, and then Papa. When Aunt Nancy came, horses were the fun of the day (and everyday)!
  Thank you to Uncle Russ' friend, Sherman and his family for their hospitality.
Where's It Playing?
The Fox Theatre
May 25 - June 4
I'd like to share with you
some pictures of
the fun I had

Then Daddy came to be with me. I got to meet Diane and Terry who supply the St. Louis area jukeboxes with music. Brooks & Dunn even stopped by. The famous Soulard Market was really neat. I bought some great fruit there too!

And of course what would a visit to St. Louis be without a visit to Annhauser-Busch. My friends Carrie and Lindsay gave Dad and Me a tour. (we had soda to drink too!)

I did so many things with everbody in St. Louis. The Arch, the Mississippi River, the Fabulous Fox Theatre , Union Station, Forest Park, the St. Louis Zoo and the St. Louis Cardinals were all great. Thank you to everyone.

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